"Whosoever will harbor such a child in my name
shall be harboring me." (Matthew 18, 5)
"Rasselas" -The story of a noble coffee

Rasselas KaffeeThe origins of this project are lost, if not in ancient history, certainly in the soft fog of my personal recollections.

Dr. Langerbahn contacted me sometime in late 2005. He had founded the "Meskel -- Fine Coffee Company" in 2003, and had dedicated the enterprise entirely to "the marketing and promotion of Ethiopian Specialty Coffees".quot;.

Dr. Langerbahn had been aware of the German Church School for some time, and when he came across this website, the project took its course. Dr. Langerbahn suggested using the Meskel enterprise to somehow promote the German Church School Milk Project, maybe by creating a special promotional coffee mix from various top coffee types.

We brainstormed for a while to find a slogan that would establish a reasonable link between coffee and milk, and it didn't take us too long to name the project "Coffee for Milk" --- the idea was to sell coffee to improve the milk supply for children.

We now had a working project title. However, an unexpected encounter at this point gave the project an entirely new dimension. During an unrelated social event, Dr. Langenbahn ran into Ethiopian Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate, whom he had previously met. When Dr. Langenbahn mentioned the planned project to the Prince, Prince Asfa-Wossen was so enthusiastic that he immediately offered to support the project and lend it his name. As the project continued to develop, it eventually captured the Prince's heart completely.

After some additional groundwork, which required significant time and financial efforts, the great moment finally arrived -- on 24 March 2007, "Rasselas - A Premium Coffee by Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate of Ethiopia" was presented to the public. The coffee is currently available for sale through "Maskal - fine coffee company", or can be ordered by phone at the following number --- 0049 (0) 7404 914037.

1 Euro of every coffee bag sold will benefit the Addis Ababa German Church School Milk Program.

We want to thank Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate for his commitment, which literally enabled the project to be a "crowning achievement".

We hope that a large number of people will help improve the nutritional balance of the German Church School children by buying "Rasselas". Plentiful and balanced nutrition is clearly the most important and basic precondition for them to enable their learning and to give them a hopeful perspective for life.

Pastor Gerhard Reuther
(DKW-Project of the Protestant Church Congregation of Ruhla (Germany))

Translation: Tom Shane

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